:: sun-kissed beach of Sapi Island

17th.July.2010 :: we are going to Sapi Island..excited n happy to go there bcoz i never been there before..just watching my friends having snorkeling, bbq n tourists everywhere..
we go there around 8 in the morning n return on 2pm..it takes 20 minutes rides to the island from Jesselton Point.we r just taking photos crazily..actually pictures are the best souvenirs..
my classmates n me except the 2 boys, our tutor n her friend..
we budgeted about 50 for each person..chickens n sausage for meal n some keropok for junkies, celebrated those who born in July with fresh-cream cake (i think its no more fresh after the first boat ride hehehe..)..n u can get celcom's line for sure!
i'm too tired to tell more about that, but actually it is really fun when we spend our weekend with friends..